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5 Ways to Make an Exciting Statement with Ceiling Accents in Your Columbus OH Business

Ceiling accents performed by commercial interior painting professionals can completely rejuvenate the ambiance in your commercial space.

Whether it’s with paint or with other building materials, ceiling accents increase your company’s aesthetic appeal by infusing the interior with dynamic energy. Ceiling accents work especially well in offices, hotels and shops.

Although these accents are powerful, they have been largely ignored in recent years. Nevertheless, current decorating trends tell us that today’s ceilings are breaking out of the boring mode and giving commercial spaces new life.

A talented commercial painting contractor can help you to create an unforgettable commercial environment with a simple ceiling makeover. Here are five ways that ceiling accents can transform a monotonous workplace into a vibrant workplace:

1. Painted Ceilings

Paint your ceilings an unexpected color for maximum impact. The color you choose is less important than the element of surprise it delivers.

Rich and Bold

A dark, rich ceiling color can make the other colors in a room stand out. For example, drapes that match the ceiling can look extraordinary when paired with light and bright floors and walls. The finished project will be one of stunning contrasts and bright statements.

Bright and Light

Teal blue and bright yellow ceilings will lift the spirits of employees and customers alike. Bright ceilings work especially well in bathrooms and cafeterias where people go for restoration. Bright ceilings can literally set the tone for the whole room.

2. Contrasting Colors

Overhead light fixture bases, architectural accents and ornate trim around the ceiling perimeter can all be painted a color that contrasts with the ceiling. Dark ceilings with white trim are one of today’s hottest decor trends. The white accents make the ceiling color pop.

3. Finishes and Textures

Older buildings can develop ceiling blemishes such as small cracks and other flaws. Fortunately, these irregularities are easily corrected during a commercial interior painting project by using the right finish or texture.

Paints with a matte finish, when properly applied by an experienced commercial painting contractor, can camouflage ceiling imperfections so cleverly that they seem to disappear. This is accomplished using a thicker medium to fashion swirls or a stucco texture. Adding a small amount of glitter to the paint can also correct many issues.

4. Metal Ceiling Tiles

The metal ceilings so popular around the turn of the century are making a strong comeback. Classic ceiling tiles can imbue your workplace with timeless elegance. They can give you a custom-designed, one-of-a-kind look that perfectly complements your existing decor.

Metal tiles are humidity-resistant and immune to rust and mold. They have a longer service life than paint, and they can be easily wiped clean with mild soap and water. Installation is easier, too, because splashing paint is not involved.

We can install metal tiles in their natural, unpainted state, or we can paint them any color under the rainbow. Painting and even repainting won’t affect their unique texture, beauty and design.

5. Beadboarding and Siding

Although beadboarding and siding are not as dramatic as metal tiles, they will still liven up a flat and drab ceiling. Stained siding and beadboarding can give your commercial space a look that’s rustic yet tasteful.

You can also paint these materials to get a country farmhouse effect. Depending on the building materials you use, siding and beadboarding can be used to make a ceiling look higher than it actually is.

Columbus OH Commercial Painting and Coatings Specialist

There are many reasons to choose The Columbus Commercial Paint Company to design and manifest your project:

We’re an established, experienced and reputable company serving the Columbus area for more than 15 years. We have mastered the art of working well under challenging and stressful conditions.

We’ve acquired a comprehensive understanding of the properties and characteristics of different types of paint. We understand the particulars of wallpapering, siding, beadboarding, finishing and other processes we perform as well as the materials we work with.

We’re knowledgeable about the latest painting tools, techniques, equipment and technologies. We understand the interaction between finishes and substrates.

Our company is fully licensed and insured. We will complete your project on time and on budget. We guarantee that you will be happy with the work.

Our friendly and helpful team can walk you through a ceiling accent project from first contact to complete satisfaction. Some of our customers know exactly what they want. Others don’t know if what they want is possible. Still others want a beautiful workplace but don’t know how to achieve it.

That’s when a top-notch commercial painting contractor like The Columbus Commercial Paint Company is essential for success. We listen to you. We make sure that we understand what you want. Then we create a plan to bring your vision to fruition. Want to learn more? Visit us online or call us directly to speak with a member of our team.

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