Commercial Exterior Painting

Maintaining your exterior paint on your business is important. When people drive by, they may develop an impression of your company based on the appearance of your building. If the property is maintained and looks like it is cared for, they are more likely to do business with you. Choosing the right color of paint is also important. Your paint style or color combinations can help strengthen your brand image and may even attract new customers. There are many benefits and considerations when it comes to commercial exterior painting. The most important step is choosing a reliable commercial painting contractor in Columbus, OH. At Columbus Commercial Paint Works, our licensed contractors are ready to help you improve or maintain your company's exterior with professional painting.

Exterior Commercial Painting in Columbus, OH
Commercial Painters in Columbus, OH

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Exterior Painting Contractor

Some people make the mistake of hiring a handyman instead of a professional painter. While a handyman may produce work that looks nice at first, the individual may not have a license, insurance or experience. Some handymen use the wrong type of paint or do not properly prepare the surface, which means that your building is left vulnerable to the elements. These are the top benefits of working with a reliable professional.

Save Time

We realize that it is important to resume your regular business activities and that having paint and equipment strewn around your property can be unattractive to customers. We stay out of the way and treat your customers with courtesy while we complete our work. Also, we minimize fumes and keep anything harmful away from your employees or customers. Our professionals use modern equipment and supplies that help them work efficiently, which saves you both time and money. When the job is done faster, you can resume business activities quicker.

Get the Job Done Right

Another benefit of using state-of-the-art equipment with proper procedures is that the job is done correctly. A professional knows how to consider factors such as the weather, the climate, sun exposure and much more. Also, our professionals are familiar with many different types of exterior siding and materials, and they know how to choose the right types and colors of paint for any building.

By getting the job done correctly the first time, you can save yourself a great deal of money. We know how to make paint last as long as possible. If you work with a handyman or a company that is not familiar with the rules of exterior painting, you could wind up paying much more to have a poor paint job fixed. If gaps, cracks and other issues are not fixed properly before painting, the paint may look bad and may collect moisture or debris along cracks and chips. One worse problem that moisture damage can lead to is mold buildup. We know how to avoid these problems and ensure that your building looks great when we are done.


A reputable commercial painting contractor will value your trust and satisfaction above all else. Our professionals make your satisfaction our top goal, which is why we guarantee it and stand behind our work 100 percent. When you work with a professional commercial painting contractor, you have the assurance that the individual or business is credible. We are both licensed and insured. Today, insurance is important since it gives customers the assurance that they will be compensated if something goes wrong. We take the responsibility of making your building look better seriously.

Why Choose Us?

Columbus Commercial Paint Works is a subsidiary of Final Touch Painting. Final Touch is known for quality, reliability and innovative customer service. Our professionals treat your business or home with the same respect that they would treat their own. They are taught to identify your needs and help you create a personalized work plan that fits your goals and deliver consistent results.

In addition to insurance, accreditation and a satisfaction guarantee on our work, we also offer efficient and affordable service. We keep our rates competitive to give you an excellent value on a long-lasting investment. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of building materials, paint properties and the relationship between the two. They also know how to consider environmental and other factors. They know how to use the latest equipment and techniques and know how to match various substrates and finishes. Additionally, our professionals have more than 15 years of experience with industrial and commercial exterior painting. They can work in high-pressure environments while still delivering outstanding results.

Although we paint many types of buildings, these are some of the most common types of exterior commercial painting services that we perform:

  • Condo painting
  • Educational facility painting
  • Store and strip mall painting
  • Bank painting
  • Hospital painting
  • Medical facility painting
  • Restaurant painting
  • Office painting
  • Public service facility painting

We can also paint religious buildings, charity buildings and many other commercial structures. Our professionals discuss your preferences or any contract requirements that you may have. For example, schools may be required to adhere to specific colors or color combinations. From your unique business brand image to your organizational budget needs for longevity, we take every aspect of the commercial exterior painting project into consideration. If you have any questions about exterior commercial painting or if you want a free estimate, please contact us today.

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