Drywall Repair

Scuffs and holes on drywall can happen easily with ordinary wear and tear, and most owners and managers of commercial and industrial buildings regard these occurrence as something to expect. Buildings where people work, shop, live, dine, bank, use public facilities or seek health care can experience drywall damage, and it usually occurs in the most obvious places. Some can lead to structural defects or even health issues. At The Columbus Commercial Paint Company, we specialize in drywall repair with professional expertise that minimizes interference with production or interfering with tenants, while restoring walls to pristine conditions.

Creating a Need for Drywall Repair

The most common reason for repairing drywall occurs when owners and managers desire a favorable appearance in a commercial or industrial building.  Failure to perform cosmetic maintenance deprives a building of the respect that customers hope to find. Nails that pop out, doorknobs that swing into the drywall and joint tape that separates from the board create unsightly appearances that require correction. Leaks, dents and scuffs pose more serious problems.

  • Water

When you have water damage to your drywall, it requires immediate attention. Far more than just a cosmetic eyesore, it can produce lasting effects. A leak from the roof, a water line or a water-related appliance can permanently alter the shape of drywall, and it can never resume its previous appearance after it gets wet. Even more serious, health issues can arise when mold starts to grow. Removal presents the only wise option.

  • Scuffs

The durable and resilient qualities of drywall cannot protect it from scuff marks. Even minor ones can detract from the appearance of a room, and careful movement of furniture or large items can prevent encounters that create them. The damage usually occurs from an accidental brush with a large or heavy object that can create a gouge in the surface that rips off pieces of drywall.

  • Dents

Crisp drywall corners are created from a metal strip that defines and protects it after joint compound and paint make it invisible.  Its crisp appearance adds measurably to the image of a well-kept room, but it can accept a dent when an object hits it. A dent can occur from an insignificant force, but replacement of the metal strip provides the only way to resolve the issue.

Understanding Drywall Properties and Characteristics

With our 15 years as a drywall contractor and our in-depth study of drywall, we can repair any condition that occurs to the versatile wallcovering. We understand its compressive strength and its impact resistance, nail pull resistance and its moisture and humidity-related properties. As your drywall contractor in Columbus OH, we specialize in drywall repair services for commercial and industrial entities. We guarantee satisfaction with the work of our staff of highly-trained, licensed and insured professional craftsmen.

Facing All Types of Challenging Environments

Almost every craftsman wants a completed project to reflect the work that created it, but drywall repair relies on achieving the opposite effect. We take pride in making repairs that no one notices. To ensure the invisibility of our work, we study the properties of drywall to create a match for the existing texture on a wall. Our success in providing a perfect match saves our customers time and money as we offer a full service that can handle small dents to large holes. We have the expertise that enables us to perform every requirement to make superior repairs to drywall. Our drywall repair services ensure a perfect blend with the surface on the adjacent boards, and we prepare it to receive paint of the exact color and texture. With our parent company Final Touch, we can restore your drywall to the condition that it had before anything damaged it.

Preparing for a Repair

Drywall has become so familiar that it may not receive the respect that it deserves. It presents a perfect surface that accepts paint beautifully, but it does much more than that. More important than the aesthetic appearance that it creates in offices, commercial enterprises and industrial facilities, it covers plumbing and electrical installations behind the walls. While many building owners may not think about its sound absorbing qualities, it helps keep things quiet when walls without it allow sound to create annoying distractions.

Work with drywall requires careful preparation that involves measuring, making cut marks and cutting sheets to fit the dimensions of a repair. It requires more tools than most people imagine as well. For our work in Columbus OH, we always provide a drop cloth to prevent getting any mess on the floor. Our professional craftsmen keep a toolbox full of tape measures, razor blades, furring saws, chalk, screw guns, glues, keyhole saws and sanding sponge as basic equipment. In addition, we carry flexible knives in a variety of widths and a utility knife, and we also include screwdrivers, hammers, hand sanders, nail bars, drills, levels and a huge supply of drywall compound. We use our judgment to assess the appropriate weight of drywall compound for each job.

Meeting the Challenges of Each Repair

As the requirements for each project present unique specifications, we assess the needs that can turn a damaged wall into a work of beauty and endurance. We fasten the new drywall with nails, screws or glue as we deem necessary and sand any rough spots to make the boards completely smooth. With our tape, we seal the joints and apply layers of drywall sealant. Our extensive collection of tools ensures customers of a professional job in the hands of our superior craftsmen. A drywall job may look easy, but it involves a high level of knowledge, skill and experience.

Our equipment and supplies comply with the latest technological advances in the field to provide the most professional and highest quality of work for our valued customers. The latest models of taping and sanding tools, texturing and finishing equipment give us a competitive edge that makes us a leader in our field. We provide training on the latest methods and techniques for our staff of drywall repair specialists.

Hiring The Columbus Commercial Paint Company

As a subsidiary of Final Touch Painting, a legend in Columbus, we have a reputation to uphold. We regard it as an honor to offer drywall repair services on your business location, and we always provide the highest quality of work and efficiency at affordable prices. Call us for a free estimate for the repairs that your ceilings and walls require and the quality of work that you expect and deserve.

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