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Is It a Good Idea to Have Your Ohio Business Painted During the Holiday Season?

Is it time to paint your Columbus OH business? As you prepare for the holidays, you may not want to add another project to your plate. But taking advantage of the lulls around the holiday season can help you tackle the job and get a fresh start to the year.

How to Make Holiday Renovations Stress-Free

You typically have a mile-long to-do list during the holidays. Believe it or not, painting your business is an ideal task to add during this time. You can take some steps to take the hassle out of the job, though.

1. Hire Seasonal Staff

Hiring seasonal employees will take the pressure off of your obligations. Extra hands can work on routine business operations while you plan and implement your painting project.

2. Hire a Commercial Painting Company

As a business owner or manager, you have enough to keep you busy. A commercial painting company can streamline your project by planning and executing the job from start to finish.

A contractor such as the Columbus Commercial Paint Company has decades of experience working with businesses. The right company will consult with you. They’ll offer advice for painting in a way that supports your vision and values. They can do everything from selecting the perfect color to choosing the right product for specific materials and textures.

3. Get Help With Prep

A commercial painting contractor will take care of most of the prep work. Their team will let you know what they need from you before they start. In many cases, this involves moving furniture and clearing clutter. Delegate these tasks to your employees, or hire additional helpers.

Taking care of these steps before the contractors start painting will make the process move quickly. Plus, your space will feel more organized and efficient when the job is complete. You won’t have to scramble to put the office back together when you have cleaned and put a plan in place ahead of time.

4. Schedule Down Time

Many companies close their doors for a few hours or days during the holidays. If you know that your building will be empty, don’t let that time go to waste. This is the ideal time to bring in a commercial painting contractor. The painting process won’t disrupt anyone, and your customers won’t see your business in disarray. Plus, the paint fumes will have time to dissipate if you hire a commercial painting contractor during a holiday break.

Reasons to Paint During the Holidays

It may seem counterintuitive to paint your business during the holidays. But there are some legitimate reasons for taking on the project during this time.

1. Commercial Painting Contractors Have Availability

Most people are focusing on decorating, cooking and entertaining during the holiday season. They want their homes to look impeccable, which means that it’s a slow time for painting contractors.

A commercial painting company may have plenty of employees available during this time. With more hands on deck, the job can be completed quickly. You may even be able to benefit from seasonal discounts.

2. Boost Employee Morale

Returning to work after the holidays can be stressful. Plus, the winter months can feel dreary and sap employees of motivation.

A commercial face-lift can improve employee morale and enhance productivity. The clean atmosphere that a high-quality paint job exudes can help your staff concentrate. The right color can affect people’s moods.

3. Finish the Project Faster

Summers in Columbus OH can get muggy. All of that humidity can extend paint’s drying time.

Hiring a commercial painting contractor in the winter increases the chances of getting the job done quickly. Paint dries faster in cold, crisp weather. It also spreads more evenly and adheres to the surface better than it would during a humid summer. Painting your business during the holidays can be surprisingly advantageous if it’s done properly. When you’re working with time constraints, it’s best to hire a professional. The painters at the Columbus Commercial Paint Company are familiar with the obstacles that can arise when painting a business. They specialize in interior and exterior commercial painting techniques and pay attention to detail while working efficiently. Contact us to revamp your business for the new year.

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