Pressure Washing

Why is top-quality commercial pressure washing such a smart investment? This technique offers much more than a good scrub of your building and other surfaces. When done properly by skilled professionals like our dedicated team at The Columbus Commercial Paint Company (a subsidiary of Final Touch Painting), it delivers a variety of benefits that can only help the bottom line of your Columbus OH, business.

The Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing, which is sometimes referred to as power washing, is an efficient, effective way to remove unwanted substances from a variety of finishes and materials with a careful mix of high pressure, water and cleaning chemicals. Why do so many different commercial and industrial facilities include a pressure washing service in their maintenance routine?

Keeping Up Appearances

Appearances matter. Even companies that offer superior products and services can struggle to connect with the clients and investors they need to flourish if their facility seems shabby or neglected, and first impressions are often hard to shake.

Maintaining a neat, orderly commercial property signals success, respect, foresight and smart management. More importantly, it demonstrates the kind of dedication, care and attention to detail that people want from those they rely on for goods and services. By meticulously washing away the stubborn grit and grime that inevitably accumulates on surfaces that are constantly exposed to the elements, our pressure washing service helps to ensure that your building looks its best so you start out on the right foot with those who walk into your commercial facility.

Managing Maintenance

Over time, dirt, mud, dust, smoke, pollen, loose paint, mold, moss, salts and other unpleasant substances can build up on surfaces like walls, roofs, awnings, downspouts, driveways, sidewalks and parking lots. It is certainly unattractive, but it can damage more than your company's curb appeal. This accumulation of destructive grime can cause physical deterioration when it lingers on surfaces. In addition, it can make it harder to detect the early warning signs of structural issues, delaying their discovery and setting the stage for a wide array of health and safety hazards.

Incorporating a professional pressure washing service into your regular maintenance routine is simply good business. When wielded by a professional, this targeted use of pressure, water and chemicals can clean away grime and stains quickly and effectively. Pressure washing improves the appearance of your facility, extends the lifespan of your exterior surfaces by removing destructive substances before they have a chance to cause damage, and protects the structural integrity of your building by making it easier to detect and correct potential problems before they cause serious trouble.

Providing a Healthier Environment

When dirt, dust and other grimy substances collect on a surface, they can provide a hospitable habitat for bacteria, mold and other irritating contaminants. Their presence is not just an unhygienic annoyance. Exposure to these micro-organisms can have a negative impact on air quality and create a very real health threat to you, your employees and your customers, especially those who have allergies, respiratory issues or other pre-existing medical conditions.

Commercial and industrial pressure washing services makes it easier to keep your work environment safe, clean and healthy. Removing the gunk that harbors bacteria, mold and other tiny troublemakers prevents them from getting a foothold and spreading through your commercial property, protecting both the health and productivity of those who spend time there.

Saving Money

It is a well-established fact: Preventative maintenance may cost you money initially, but it generally saves you money in the long run by allowing you to catch any problems while they are minor. This provides an opportunity to head off major repairs and the greater expense that they entail.

Pressure washing is a valuable form of preventative maintenance for commercial and industrial facilities. When used regularly, it is a quick, efficient way to eradicate the coat of dirt, dust and other contaminants that builds up on surfaces, wiping it away before these substances have a chance to cause harm to the property or those who work or do business there. It is the ideal solution for virtually any kind of business, including the following:

  • Offices and office parks
  • Hospitals and wellness facilities
  • Retail establishments and strip malls
  • Schools and universities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Restaurants
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Public service facilities
  • Parking lots and structures

The Professional Difference

Renting pressure washing equipment is fairly easy. Why should you turn to a professional for pressure washing service instead of entrusting the job to your own employees?


Pressure washing is an acquired skill that requires training and experience in the use of the necessary equipment and supplies. Rental equipment in the hands of a novice is unlikely to provide good results. In fact, when pressure washing is not done properly, it can do more harm than good. The material being cleaned can be damaged if the operator uses too much pressure or the wrong chemicals. Poor technique can also harm the structure and lead to water intrusion and other problems.


Using pressurized equipment means being prepared to deal with certain hazards. Individuals who are unfamiliar with safety protocols and proper techniques could injure themselves or someone else while trying their hand at power washing.


Time is a finite resource, and using it wisely is crucial to maintaining productivity. Assigning the task of pressure washing to an employee is rarely the best use of your company's time and resources, especially since their amateur efforts are likely to produce subpar results while taking longer and causing far more disruption at your facility. Ultimately, enlisting the services of a professional will almost always give you more bang for your buck.

With more than 15 years of experience, The Columbus Commercial Paint Company knows what it takes to get optimal results. Licensed and insured, we specialize in commercial and industrial pressure washing, and we are not afraid to tackle tough jobs in challenging environments.

Armed with professional-grade equipment, familiar with the tolerances of the various surfaces that make up your facility, and trained in the latest techniques, we are ready to deliver top-quality results quickly so that you can concentrate on your business. In fact, we are so confident that our commercial pressure washing services will meet or exceed your expectations that we will stand behind our work with satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

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