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The Difference Between Paint Finishes for Your Business in Ohio

Painting the interior of your Columbus OH business can be a great way to refresh or revitalize the space. A change in color can completely transform your office, retail store, or other commercial location. However, color is just one of several considerations when choosing the type of paint you want your commercial painting contractor to use. Another important factor is the sheen or finish of the paint. A coating’s finish affects its appearance as well as its functionality, so understanding the different types will help you make the right choice for your business.

The following are the most common paint finishes your commercial painting company can use for your renovation:


Flat paint has the lowest amount of sheen or gloss of all the available finishes. It absorbs virtually all of the light that reaches it, so it reflects practically no light. The greatest benefit of flat paint is that it covers up flaws in the surface almost perfectly, so if you want to conceal cracks or chips in the wall, a flat finish might be the way to go.

Flat coatings can be problematic in certain commercial spaces, though, because they’re difficult to clean. They’re generally not a good option for high-moisture areas or areas that accumulate a lot of dirt and grime since washing the surface could cause the paint to wear away.


Matte finishes share many of the qualities of flat finishes, but they have slightly more sheen. Most matte paints have 5 to 10 percent sheen, so they’re slightly glossy and reflective. Cleaning the surface is still difficult with matte paint as the material can only withstand light washing. Matte may work well for closets or other low-traffic spaces, but it should be avoided for most commercial areas.


Eggshell paints offer 10 to 25 percent gloss. They have more shine that matte paints, so they may be more visually appealing. Unlike higher gloss paints, though, they still do a decent job of covering up imperfections in the walls. Eggshell can be a great option for commercial spaces that don’t get exceptionally dirty, like conference rooms or hallways.


Satin finishes are somewhat shiny and reflective. They typically have a 25 to 35 percent sheen, which creates a bright and reflective appearance. Because this coating is near the middle of the spectrum, it’s a good balance of the benefits and drawbacks of lower and higher gloss paints. Satin finishes provide some coverage for flaws in the wall, and they’re easier to keep clean than lower sheen coatings. Many business owners choose satin paint for offices, foyers, and conference rooms.


Semi-gloss finishes are very reflective, so they add a lot of depth to a room. Glossier paints are more durable and easy to clean, so semi-gloss paint is an excellent choice for workplace kitchens, bathrooms, industrial spaces, and other areas that accumulate dirt quickly.

However, a semi-gloss finish won’t do much to cover imperfections in the walls. Any cracks or chips in the surface will show through the coating, so semi-gloss may not be a good option for areas that you want to look perfect. For example, semi-gloss isn’t the best choice for an area that customers can see.

High Gloss

High gloss paint has the highest sheen of all the finishes. At 85 percent sheen or more, it reflects most of the light that hits it, so it has a very dramatic effect. It’s also the easiest type of finish to keep clean. Cracks, chips, and other flaws are very noticeable with high gloss paint, though, so if the underlying surface isn’t in the best condition, high gloss coating may not be a good option. It tends to function better on doors, cabinets, and other surfaces that are frequently touched.


Antimicrobial paint has special additives that allow the coating to resist bacteria, viruses, mold, and other harmful substances. Some antimicrobial paints contain compounds that kill bacteria, and some stop microbes from sticking to the walls, so they fall to the floor instead. If you work in an industry where sanitation is critical, such as the food business or restaurant industry, antimicrobial paint could be an excellent safeguard against germs. Not only does the type of finish you choose affect the appearance of your commercial business, but it can also affect the durability and cleanliness of the surfaces. If you’re not sure which coating best suits your needs, you can consult with a commercial painting company. The Columbus Commercial Paint Company offers painting services to business owners across a wide variety of industries. Our team is experienced with all types of coatings and can work in any environment. You can contact us today to connect with a commercial painting contractor in Columbus OH.

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