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Why Is It a Good Idea to Paint Your Columbus OH Tank or Silo?

Without question, your silo or tank is one of the most important structures on your Columbus OH farm. Its storage functions are vital. And it’s a powerful symbol, a physical manifestation of your hard work and your employees’ dedication.

As such, this building should be as strong and durable as it could be. Many farm owners want their tanks and silos to be visually appealing as well. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to accomplish both of these goals: Call an outstanding commercial exterior painting company.

Here are just a few reasons why professional tank and silo painting makes so much sense.

1. An Enhanced Appearance

To begin with, when you paint your silo or tank, you obviously make it look better. Its surface will seem shinier and cleaner as well as more elegant.

When customers, vendors, potential business partners, and others visit your property, your silo or tank may be the first thing they see. If it’s freshly painted, those individuals will probably be impressed from the start. They’ll likely conclude that you’re running a thriving — and sanitary — business.

What would happen, though, if those people saw a tank or silo with faded and peeling paint? What would they think if the whole exterior looked somewhat dingy? They’d probably assume the owner was negligent to some degree.

Such impressions, whether they’re justified or not, can linger. And they can lead some individuals to take their business elsewhere. It’s a strong reason to paint that building.

Likewise, an attractive tank or silo could have a positive effect on your team of agricultural professionals. Gazing at this beautiful structure could give them extra pride in their workplace.

2. Improved Marketing and Branding

Your tank or silo could be visible for a good distance. Therefore, people who live and work in the vicinity see it all the time. And if it’s bright, gleaming, and appealing, it could become a regional landmark.

Indeed, with such a farm building to admire, members of your community might mention your farm to out-of-towners more often. And word of mouth is always a potent marketing tool. Moreover, you could emblazon your business name and logo on your silo or tank. If that branding is large enough and bold enough, people should spot it from far away.

Consequently, the name of your farm would show up in people’s Facebook and Instagram photos, YouTube travel videos, and other online posts. That would mean plenty of free advertising.

3. Strength and Protection

Silos and tanks tend to corrode relatively quickly. After all, throughout the year, they take a battering from wind, rain, snow, sleet, and hail. They have to withstand various temperatures and levels of humidity. And they frequently house materials and substances that lead to faster corrosion.

However, a commercial exterior painting company could provide you with a specialized industrial coating. That coating will resist corrosion and rusting, and it will help your building tolerate extreme temperatures. It could even kill harmful microbes.

An expert commercial painting contractor could recommend the right coating. That choice would be based on local and state regulations as well as the specific ways you use your building.

With that industrial coating, your tank or silo will be less susceptible to degradation. As a result, it’s less likely that a portion of the building will collapse. Therefore, your workers — and everyone else who enters that structure — will be safer.

On top of that, the painters you hire could provide certain sanitation services, including abrasive blasting. That way, your building and its equipment will be in better shape before the painting begins.

In addition, your commercial exterior painting company could schedule periodic inspections. Then, when those painters return to your barn or silo, they could add extra layers of paint or industrial coating wherever needed. Your building could stay in prime shape for quite a long time.

The Columbus Commercial Paint Company is Here to Help

We at the Columbus Commercial Paint Company, which is based in Columbus OH, have a great deal of experience in painting tanks and silos. In fact, we have extensive experience with all kinds of painting projects.

We’re fully licensed and insured. Our employees have a deep knowledge of paints and coatings; they completely understand their different attributes. We also know which coatings and finishes work best with which substrates.

Moreover, we’re familiar with the latest painting methods and equipment, and we utilize them whenever it’s appropriate. We can work in just about any environment imaginable. And we always complete our assignments on budget and on schedule.

Especially important, we’re a commercial painting contractor known for excellent customer service. Our entire team is friendly, respectful, hardworking, and punctual. Plus, we’ll set up a work schedule that you’ll find convenient. We can paint on weekends, holidays, or 24 hours a day until your project is finished. Please feel free to give us a call. We can discuss types of paint, colors, coatings, scheduling, or any related topic. We’re always happy to lend our professional advice. If you’d like, we can also provide you with an estimate. And, before you know it, your silo or tank could be stronger than ever. You might smile every time you see it glistening in the Ohio sun.

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